Sales Negotiation Prep Sheet

You know you’re worth more than the fees you’re taking for your acts work.

Worse than that, you know you NEED more money for your work, if you’re going to create the life you want. Do the creative things, come up with new ideas, and maybe, maybe even have some time off where you don’t just collapse and sleep.

You’ve been surviving ok, but it’s a bit of a hamster wheel, and you can’t get off without the whole thing falling apart.

So you’re working really hard, all the time…

…and you get a sales call with a new potencial client, or maybe a new opportunity with someone you have worked with before.

Great you think, this time let’s get the fee up, just a bit.

And then the little voice in the back of your head says “… we’ll let’s see what they say…” OR worse, “and how are you going to do that then?!” In a tone of voice that makes you feel a bit like you were an idiot for even considering trying to get a better fee.

Or the worst – “remember, no one has the budget and there isn’t really any money in live entertainment. It’s really hard to make money in live entertainment.”

Crikey.  Now you’re really set up for success aren’t you? :-S

So you get on the call, and you realise half way through that you’re having the same conversation you always do, where at the end you might get the booking, but not for the money you want. So you start to feel a bit bad, and resign yourself to just getting the booking. And sometimes, even that doesn’t happen.

Or you get the booking, and now it’s going to be hard work to get the people you want to work with you, because you know you’re not offering THEM the money they deserve. 

And it turns out this show needs a rehearsal, but there’s only just enough money to cover the space in the budget, so you offer people expenses from your own fee. And even then, some people will, rightfully, say no to un paid rehearsal. 

And you would too. So you feel even worse.

Then the client has more requests, and you have to spend even more time getting back to their urgent emails, where they don’t respond to you. And every time you do that you can see the small amount of money you were making on this job trickle away in admin time. And now you’re exhausted. 

When you were training, no one talked to you about this. 

No one sat down and gave you even the remotest idea how to approach these calls. Yeah, you’ve picked up some advice and hints from other people in a similar situation, but when it comes to it you still stumble with the words a bit, especially if they’re an ‘important’ client.

There is, of course, another way…

You can do this. 

In fact, you can do THIS:

Download the FREE Sales Negotiation Prep Sheet for live entertainment. 

Get your brain pointed in the right direction so you’re feeling confident and prepared to sell what you do.

By printing out and answering the questions in this prep sheet before your next sales call, you’ll bring all the information you need to the forefront of your mind. You’ll have your brain looking in the direction of useful thoughts and you’ll feel completely different going into the conversation.

Start to look forward to opportunities to sell your work, instead of dreading them!

Get paid better for the brilliant work you create.


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