Start with the feeling

I’ve been doing some work with a friend recently, and the most common thing thats come up as being useful for them has been to think about and engage with how you would like to feel when doing whatever you’re doing first. Before you start doing the work.

So if you want to do some creative work, how would you LIKE to feel whilst doing the work? What feelings (or states if we’re talking about it in more ‘NLP’ type terms…) would be useful in getting the work done?

Maybe you want to feel energised, motivated and excited to start the work in the first place. When have you felt like that before? Even just a little bit… Run the experience through in your head – what could you see, hear and feel when you felt like that? Here is an important one… What kinds of things were you saying to yourself?

What about once you start the work, how do you want to feel whilst you’re actually doing it? Focussed, calm, certain, confident? When have you felt like this before? What could you see, hear and feel? What is that internal voice saying, if anything, when it’s all happening how you like it.

Get the feeling you want first, then do the work. Maintain the feeling whilst you do the work.

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