Sugar free

So I’ve been following a sugar and indeed largely ‘carb’ free diet for about three weeks now. A ‘ketogenic’ diet. And following it I have been. No slips (that I’m aware of) so far. Basically keeping total carb (inc sugar) intake under 20g per day. Lots of fat. Some protein.
Been listening alot to the ‘2ketodudes’ and ‘ketofor ormies’ pod casts to help me out. Have a listen!
I’ve also got to thank regular inspiration Jack black of Mindstore for posting about the benefits he’s found through it on his facebook page, thats what helped me decide to actually do it.

At the moment my trousers are deffo looser than they were, I’m mot getting hungry and I’m sleeping better.
Im also missing my Costa mocha and any fun food. Where fun = bread.
In recent years I thought I was pretty free from any kind of emotional eating. Turns out I was not!
Plenty of sugar cravings (although it subsides quickly) and feelings of dissatisfsction (which sticks around a little longer) though.

I’ve planned to do it for 2 months before I weigh myself.
Will up date any spectacular results here.