Can you be specific?

– What EXACTLY do you need more information about?

– What EXACTLY are you afraid of?
(You might have to ask more than once.)

– What skills EXACTLY do you require that you don’t have/need to develop?

It’s not enough, and it’s not useful to say “I can’t do this” or “this isn’t working” unless ‘this’ is well defined.

“My show isn’t working.”
You mean not enough tickets were sold or there wasn’t a good response from the people that were there?
How are you measuring these things? Do you / does everyone involved know what ‘working’ would look like?
Is that possible in this context?
Are other people doing it?
Who? How?

Be specific. Anything else is just whinging, which is allowed too but isn’t helpful to you or to those with whom you work.

(edited 13/2/18 – with thanks to Shane Hampsheir.)