What IS working?

Many, although not all, of us are quite aware of our shortcomings and areas for improvement.
Why not take a break from that and think about what IS working?

What are you already doing that works?
Make a list, be as specific or as general as you like.
Come up with 5 things that are working.

For example,

I’m eating healthily
I am working
I’m writing
I’m staying positive
I’m reading and learning everyday
I make the most of time with friends

… anything counts.

If this is challenging, try the question when DO I FEEL ‘GOOD’.
Or productive, resourceful, competent.

Pick one of the things / areas that is working for you, whether its personal, work, leisure, whatever. Pick one thing.

Take a moment to imagine doing it right now, notice what pictures / sounds come to mind.
Get inside the picture if you can, what would you actually see, hear and feel if you were doing it now?

Notice WHAT you think about – previous examples / current / future.
And HOW you think about them – pictures, ‘movies’, voices, feelings.
Do you describe the activity / thing to yourself?
Do you hear your own voice?

Can you imagine turning up the intensity of the sounds / colours / feelings?
How does that feel?