The joy of… Flyering.

Flyering / promo…

A lot of people don’t think about ‘selling’ what they do as being part of what they do.
– and in a lot of circumstances, you might be right.
However, up here at the Edinburgh fringe, part of the ‘deal’ when you’re cast / hired is usually some time spent promoting the thing you’re doing.

Heres some things to ponder that might make it more fun, and certainly worthwhile.

Quick thoughts:

You are good enough.
Your work is good enough.
Lots of people MIGHT want to see it.
Some people WILL want to see it.

Why would you deprive people who might enjoy it from hearing about it?

A show for EVERYONE is a show for NO ONE. – stop pretending.

If its not for them, thats ok, you’re interested in the people it IS for.
… and they’re waiting to hear from you.

A longer thought:

Before you get out there ‘in the field’, take time to decide and think about how you’d LIKE to feel about the flyering experience.

What would it be like if you were relaxed, excited, passionate, certain, focussed, happy, confident, enthused?!

Think about when you have felt like that.
Imagine feeling like that now.
Now imagine you promoting your work, feeling how you want to feel. Super charge the feeling, turn it up, make pictures brighter, sounds louder.
Can you give it a powerful sound track?

Do this quickly every now and then whilst you’re out. You don’t actually need to close your eyes, but its useful when your first finding the feelings / images / sounds you want.

How long can you maintain the good feeling for? Practice!

You might be spending more time out flyering than performing, why not spend some time making sure its as nice an experience as possible?

Hopefully something in here was helpful.

… and lastly, im sorry i have no suggestions for dealing with bad weather. 😉