Edinburgh festival 2017

Im excited to say it looks like I’ll be up in Edinburgh running a gig at the festival this year (2017).
I’m going to organise some get-togethers to talk about the kinds of things I write about here, and also maybe some common practical challenges we all face in doing these brilliant things we do.

What could we discuss?
What could we try and fix?

For example:
– Looking after ourselves.
– Finding the right people to work with.
– Bums on seats / finding audiences.
– ‘The Industry’. (As in the mechanics of creative industries, what dont we like, what could we change, what shouldnt still ‘be a thing’)

Thats just a few ideas to get us going, what would you like to talk about?
I’ll be spending time thinking about more possibilities.

Get in touch, maybe we can make a thing!