Preparation (Part 1)

What are you doing in the near future that you could massively ‘over’ prepare for?
(I don’t think there is such a thing, ‘over’ prepared just means prepared to me.)
Pick something, small or large, make sure its far enough away that you can ‘over’ prepare for it.

Pen and paper time…

Firstly, the obvious stuff:
Make a list of all the things you COULD do, or a crazily ‘over’ prepared person WOULD do, to prepare for the performance.
Prioritise the hardest things, the things you don’t want to do.
Schedule them. Perhaps use one of the ‘ritual’ grids I mentioned in a previous blog.

Now, the less obvious:
How you feel whilst you’re preparing is important, whatever kind of preparation we’re talking about.
If you’re practising or rehearsing, how do you want to feel whilst practising and ‘on the day’? Can you build some of the ‘on the day’ feelings into your rehearsal?

Try this…

Write down how you would like to feel, in detail.
Make a list of times you’ve felt like that before, and or things / triggers that prompt you to feel that way.
As you start your work, read through this page out loud, visualise the stuff on the page.
Then go to work.
If you drop out of the feeling, go back to that page.

The feeling is important!
Rehearse the feeling.